How do I extend battery life on my FiLIP?

FiLIP’s battery is designed to last a full day when it has been charged for the recommended time of 4-6 hours. Ultimately, the battery life of a FiLIP depends entirely on the settings and usage. Here are some tips to optimize the battery life for your FiLIP:

1. Automatic Location Updates
Set your FiLIP to 60-minute refresh intervals. You can always set it to turbo-mode (update every 3 minutes for 15 minutes) while your child is on the way to school or to a friends’ house, and you can request an immediate update at anytime by pressing the refresh arrow at the bottom left hand corner of the map screen.

2. Daytime Only
Set the Automatic Location Updates on your FiLIP to “Daytime Only” which will only update during the day (7AM to 7PM) – when you’re most likely to be away from your child.

3. Stand-By Mode
Turn off Automatic location updates to go into “Stand-By Mode.” Use this mode as much as possible. You can always check your child’s location in the FiLIP app manually by pressing the refresh arrow at the bottom left hand corner of the map screen.

4. Use Only When Needed
The more you use FiLIP, the more battery will be consumed. Calling, texting, and locating all pull from the battery life.

5. Let Your FiLIP Rest!
Be sure to always charge your FiLIP at night. Basically, when your child sleeps and recharges, so should your FiLIP!