How do I add the contacts to my child’s FiLIP?

You can have up to 5 contacts set for your child’s FiLIP (yourself + four additional people) right from your FiLIP app.

To add or change a contact for your child’s FiLIP, select “Settings” from the main menu, then select “Contacts” under ACCOUNT SETTINGS.

To add a contact, press the + symbol at the top right of the page. Fill out each field completely, make sure to enter each number without any spaces, parentheses, or dashes (ie. +11234567890), and then press the “Save” button at the top of the page.

To change an existing contact, simply select that contact, make the necessary changes, and then press the “Save” button at the top of the page.

*911 cannot be one of the numbers stored as a Contact in a FiLIP*

1. Use the name your child calls that person for the first name (i.e. “Grandma Smith” rather than “Mary Smith”)

2. Enter phone numbers without any spaces, dashes or parentheses (i.e. 1234567890)

3. If you would like one (or more) of the contacts to be able to locate and text your child from a FiLIP app on their phone, you can make them a Guest User by sliding the “Guest Status” slider to the on position (to green). Make sure they’ve downloaded the FiLIP app to their mobile device first. (Read more about Guest Status below.)

4. Decide which of your child’s contacts you want to be emergency contacts, which means they’ll be in the call rotation if your child presses the emergency button on their FiLIP.

5. If you have more than one child with a FiLIP, they can each have different contacts. Simply turn the slider to the on position (to green) for the child that specific contact should apply to.

6. Finally, and most important, press the “Save” button in the top right corner before exiting the “Edit Contact” screen.